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Ozzie Bear

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      Ozzie Bear is a beautiful Lynx Point Siamese who was rescued in 1991. He had been living in some woods not far from the sanctuary with his constant companion, a black and white male cat called Oreo. After a lengthy war of wits with the wily Oreo, we eventually managed to trap him. We were elated. At that time, we were unaware of Ozzie’s existence because he was extremely timid and kept himself well hidden. About a week after we had trapped Oreo, we noticed Ozzie hanging around looking very bewildered and lost. However, as soon as he would see us coming, he would melt into the trees. Although we couldn’t find him, we would hear his plaintive cries as he wandered alone through the woods. It was so heartbreaking. Much to our relief, he was somewhat easier to catch than Oreo and we were able to trap him a couple of weeks later.
      For the first few days after being caught, Ozzie was absolutely frozen with fear. Gradually he started to relax around us and once he was fixed, tested and had been pronounced healthy, we introduced him to the rest of our population. There was little reaction until he and Oreo met. When they spotted each other, Ozzie immediately ran over, and they began loving and rubbing against each other making frantic little crying sounds. It was very apparent that they were companions. Their delight in the reunion was extremely moving to see.
      Poor Ozzie must have been so traumatized by the separation. He is such a timid and gentle soul. His extremely expressive face, with those vulnerable crossed blue eyes just makes your heart melt! He was too frightened of strangers, too traumatized by any change in his schedule and too devoted to Oreo for us to consider adoption for him. They are so inseparable that they even walk with their heads together! We have truly never seen bonding to this extent with any of our other animals. You will never see one without the other and our biggest fear as they get older is how one will cope with the loss of the other.
      Even now, after all these years, the woods still make Ozzie Bear feel safe. That is where he came from and that is where he goes back to when he feels threatened. Whenever he hears the sound of strangers, he melts into the woods like a gentle ghost in the night. There are those who believe that he doesn't exist. However, if you look carefully through the undergrowth, you might just see the hint of a sky blue eye solemnly peering back at you!

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