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The internet these days seems to be in a "free-for-all" state of mind. Perhaps it is because of the explosive growth and the influx of millions of inexperienced viewers. They most likely have heard the folklore about the "free" exchange of information on the internet. Yes, information is freely shared, but what they fail to understand is that the information is still owned by the original author.

Anyway, for whatever reason, a lot of people out there erroneously think that anything on the web is "public domain" and is free for the taking. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Copyright law is copyright law, whether the material is in print or in electronic form!

Some people also mistakenly think that all they have to do is edit the  words in an article or rearrange a graphic and they can call it their own. In fact, this is called plagiarism and is highly illegal! Copyright law specifically forbids "derivative works" except by the original author. Let's face it folks, if you didn't create the original it's just plain theft to use any part of a work without permission.

What is the real reason behind posting other people's material on your web site? Basically, it is to selfishly increase your traffic with little effort and with no regard for the consequences to the original web site. The problem is, this  dilutes the traffic to the originator's site. In our case, we depend upon visitor's donations to support our rescue efforts so this quite literally takes food out of the mouths of the animals in our care. We also have to spend our time and money in litigation to protect our material and this deprives the animals of care that we could have otherwise given them.

Intellectual property must be protected or creative endeavors will cease to exist. It's hard work to produce an original of anything and the author should reap the benefits and also have control over how and where the material is used. Otherwise, why bother?

Partly because of the recent popularity of the internet, we predict that shortly there will be more and more highly visible court cases concerning copyright violation. We also expect to see a federal "crackdown" on electronic thievery and see copyright laws tightened up (or enforced) even more than they are now.

Because of a few problems we have had in the past with people "borrowing" our material we have been forced to write the sections below on copyright and reprints.

Also, because of our litigious society, it has unfortunately become necessary to protect ourselves with the obligatory "legalese" about privacy and the use of our site.

P.S. The contents of this page are copyrighted! ;-)


All of the text, articles, publications, photos and images contained in this website are protected under United States and international copyright laws and may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without the expressed written permission of PetRescue.Com, Inc.

The material on our web site may be hard-printed for personal use by an individual, but may not be distributed in any form whatsoever without the expressed written permission of PetRescue.Com, Inc. All printed copies for personal use must retain our copyright notices.

Rescue groups are welcome to use our material in hard-print format, but only after requesting written permission from PetRescue.Com, Inc. and meeting the requirements set forth below under "Reprints".

We are pleased to have you link to our material so that viewers get the most up-to-date and unedited version. This is industry standard procedures and the only way that we can effectively control our intellectual property.

However, we do not allow any of our material to be reproduced, displayed, posted or distributed in electronic format of any kind, whether it be in a newsletter, on a web site, web page, bulletin board, chat board, mailing list, email, ebook or otherwise.

You may not charge money for our material or use it for commercial purposes or monetary gain.


We only allow actual hard-printed copies to be made and distributed, such as newsletters, brochures, and handouts. We do not grant permission to use any form of electronic reproduction or distribution.

Reprint permission must be granted in writing by PetRescue.Com, Inc. before proceeding. Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis and applies only to a single article and a single printing run. You must request permission to reprint on each subsequent printing run thereafter. In other words, permission to reprint from us does not authorize you to keep printing the article or material indefinitely. We update our material periodically and do not want outdated articles, etc., being  circulated.

Our copyright notice and web address must be displayed on each page of the material.

Normally, the entire contents must be displayed and may not be edited or altered in any way. In some cases we grant permission to use verbatim excerpts from our material.

In all cases, we require a copy of the reprint for review prior to publishing.

Our material may be quoted briefly or small sections of it condensed for legitimate "fair use" reasons, such as in a literary review by an actual publisher or for educational purposes by an accredited school. The law requires that we be credited for the material however, and that our copyright notice be displayed. We would also appreciate the professional courtesy of listing our web address.


Intro     Copyright     Reprints     Privacy     Site Use


We do not use "cookies" to find out information about you.

Our site does use standard "traffic logs" that record the date, time, your IP address, what version of web browser you use and what pages you visit. This is all standard stuff to help us determine statistics about what is popular with our visitors in order to better serve you.

To protect your credit card and other personal information when you make an online donation, we have contracted with ibill.com to act as our authorized sales agent. They employ encryption and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on their servers as well as other highly sophisticated security measures  to ensure your privacy.

The personal information you send to us via our forms for pet sponsorship or for any other reason is held by us in strict confidence. We do not share this information with anyone and we do not sell or divulge your name on mailing lists.

Your personal information you provide is used by us alone to send you sponsorship packages and the occasional newsletter or card. Soon we hope to be able to start emailing you an electronic newsletter periodically, with helpful pet tips, articles and the latest news of our activities. Of course, if you do not wish to receive the newsletter, just drop us a line and we will take you off the mailing list.

Use of Our Site

Our material is intended for personal use by individuals and by pet rescue organizations and educational institutions as set forth in the "copyright" and "reprint" sections above and is strictly prohibited from commercial use of any kind.

Linking to our material from other sites is highly encouraged as long as it is not presented in a derogatory, libelous, inflammatory or injurious manner to us or to any other organization or person. Our material is intended to be either useful, entertaining or informational and is prohibited from being represented in any other way.

We have no control over and are not responsible for the policies or actions of any web site that we may provide links to. We post these links in good faith as useful, entertaining or informational references only.

We are not veterinarians and the information presented on our site does not presume to substitute for professional medical advise or medical opinion. Always consult with your licensed  veterinarian about any health problems your pet may have.

The information on this web site is posted in good faith and to the best of our knowledge is sound and accurate. However, the content of this site is offered on an "as is" basis only. We do not offer any warranty, either expressed or implied, that the information is harmless or error free.

Under no circumstances will we be held responsible for any damages whatsoever that may result from the use of the content on this site.

Your use of this site constitutes your agreement to all of the above policies.

Intro     Copyright     Reprints     Privacy     Site Use

Copyright 1996-2000, PetRescue.Com. All rights reserved.

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