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          How to Find a Lost Cat or Dog!
          How to Find and Evaluate a Prospective Pet Adopter
          How to Place Pets
          The Tragedy of "Free to Good Home"
          Pet Adoption Agreement (pdf file)
          Phone Screening Form for Cat Adoptions (pdf file)
          Phone Screening Form for Dog Adoptions (pdf file)
          Silent Wooden Trap (pdf file)
          Spay and Neuter
          Top 10 Reasons Why Pets Are Relinquished
          The Life and Death of an Untrained Dog
          Starting a Successful Rescue
          The Holiday Aftermath
          No Christmas Puppies, Please!
          Thoughts of a Feral
     Short Stories
          The Cat That Walked By Himself
          Little Missy
          Missy's Story
          Cat Bathing as a Martial Art
          Dog Rules
          Jeannie's Excellent Adventure
     Health Matters
          How to Eliminate Ear Mites
          Feline Heartworm Disease
          Cool Pet Tips
     Adobe Acrobat Files
          Pet Adoption Agreement
          Phone Screening Form for Cat Adoptions
          Phone Screening Form for Dog Adoptions
          Silent Wooden Trap


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