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The Holiday Aftermath

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A message from PetRescue.Com - Feb, 1997

Typically, the next few months will be very busy for rescue organizations like ourselves. The "Christmas Puppies" and "Christmas Kittens" are in the pipeline now. These are pets that were given to children with love and good intentions, but with little thought to future responsibilities. Cute little puppies will grow to become unruly and destructive if they are not properly trained and taken care of. The "new" wears off cuddly kittens and they become young adults with additional obligations demanded of their busy families. Both stand a good chance of either being taken to the Pound or simply abandoned to the streets. Hard to imagine, isn't it? Believe us, it happens a lot.

Hopefully the information we have added to our web site will prevent some pets from losing their homes this year. Please help out by telling your friends about these educational resources.

Please read "No Christmas Puppies, Please!" by Ruth Ginzberg, located on our library. She goes into more detail about why we should not give pets for Christmas.

If you have a new puppy in your household, please read "The Life and Death of an Untrained Dog" and download a copy of the Puppy Training Manual listed on our "Free Stuff" page. For the proud owners of a new kitten, go to our Cat Links page to find great sources of information on raising and caring for your cat . Also visit the newsgroups alt.animals.felines and rec.pets.cats for help and advice on raising your feline family member.

Additional information about cats and dogs can be found on our Pet Links page.

Finally, we all can help to prevent unwanted animals by spaying or neutering our pets. It's a good thing to do for your pet's health as well. See our Spay/Neuter page for details.

Best wishes for the coming year!


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