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Sophie Belle

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      Sophie Belle is an adorable, extremely chatty, little girl who came to the sanctuary in 1988 when she was approximately one year old. She has the distinction of being here longer than any of our other long term residents. She is also our miracle child, having survived a horrendous attack by three German Shepherds!
      Sophie had been abandoned by her former owners and had been living in some woods with a couple of other stray cats. Suddenly, they were set upon by three German Shepherd dogs who had gotten loose from their owner. The other two cats were able to climb the trees to safety. Unfortunately, Sophie had been de-clawed and was therefore absolutely defenseless in this terrible situation. The three dogs were literally playing a game of tug with her and they had almost torn her in half by the time a good Samaritan came to her rescue. This heroic lady managed to get Sophie away from the dogs despite the fact that she, too, was badly bitten in the process.
      Poor Sophie was in terrible condition. She had the most dreadful wounds. She also had a collapsed lung. She was losing air through the huge hole in her back and her heart had been pushed up into the chest cavity. She was already in shock and well on the way to dying when she arrived at the veterinarian’s office. They immediately took her into surgery to try to repair the damage. The chances of her pulling through were slim to none and the veterinarian did not hold out much hope that she would survive. She was stitched completely from one side to the other.
      However, everyone underestimated the stubbornness of both Sophie and ourselves. We refused to let her die! We felt that we owed her a chance at life after all that she had been through. Her original owners may have abandoned her to her fate but we would not! Although it took weeks of intensive care and a lot of love and prayers, to everyone’s amazement, our Sophie pulled through! The turning point came the day she started to "talk" - and she hasn’t stopped nagging us since then! We don’t complain! We feel that she’s earned the right to nag all she wants! She truly is our miracle child and we are grateful for every day that we have her.

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