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      Ruby was rescued in October 1998. We were driving back to the sanctuary when we spotted a dog sitting in the grass by the side of the road. As we were on a busy highway where dogs are frequently abandoned, we turned around and came back to check on the situation. To our surprise, we found a young female dog, perhaps eight months old, chained to a wood pallet. She was very friendly but she was obviously suffering from heat distress. It was a typical, oppressively hot Florida day and she was tied out with the sun beating down and no shade or water. As she was located outside a business, we thought that perhaps she belonged to them so we went to advise them of her plight. We soon saw that the business was closed down. We were mystified. Who had left this poor defenseless dog chained up in the heat?
      We went into a neighboring auto repair shop to see if they could cast some light on the mystery. They had noticed her there since early morning but had no idea where she had come from. We checked with some homes behind the businesses but no one knew anything. We contacted Animal Control because we would not be allowed to take her if she belonged to someone. Animal Control told us they could not come for at least twenty four hours. That made our minds up! We knew she would be dead from heat stroke by then. After notifying Animal Control, we put her into the truck and drove directly to the vetís office to get her checked out.
      After she was soaked down with cold towels, she immediately perked up. She was pronounced healthy and fit, so back she came to the sanctuary with us. We have theorized that perhaps she had been chained into the back of a truck, and both she and the pallet had accidentally fallen off. She was in excellent health and had obviously been well cared for so it seemed like a fairly plausible explanation. We left details with all the local humane societies and ran ads in the paper but she has never been claimed.
      Ruby is a typical, rambunctious teenager - always into mischief and extremely lively and loving. Her origins are somewhat of a mystery. She has the face of a pit bull, the curly tail of a chow and the body of a sharpei. Personally, we think her mother was thrown into a washing machine with a travelling salesman and Ruby was the peculiar result! On the positive side, she has the most beautiful chocolate-brown, velvety coat and she loves to give tongue baths! She also doesnít have an ounce of ill-will in her body. Although we realize it will be difficult because of her chow/pit bull background, we hope to find this sweetie a home where she will get the love and attention she deserves!

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