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      Prissy was rescued in March 1994. We spotted her, with her brother Opie, outside a gas station late one night. They were oblivious to our presence as they pawed through the garbage dumpster looking for something to eat. They were skin and bone and obviously terribly uncared for. Our hearts went out to them. We put out some food which we always carry with us for these occasions. They ate voraciously but kept a wary eye on us. Being feral, they would not allow us to approach them so we had to use a humane trap to capture them. To spay/neuter and re-release them was out of the question. They were in such poor condition. They also had no access to a food supply or a caretaker. Therefore, a decision was made to keep them here at the sanctuary where they could live out the rest of their lives in safety.
      With good treatment and medical care, they soon became healthy and beautiful. Winning their trust was a more difficult task. Due to their fear of people, it took close to a year before they would allow us to handle them. Avoiding humans is an acquired skill which enables ferals to survive out in the wild and they have a hard time letting go of it. Often times though, once they do let their guard down, they become the most loyal and affectionate of cats.
      Once Prissy realized that she was safe and very much loved, she showed her true personality. She is affectionate, talkative and a real character! However, she will always let us know when she has had enough! Unfortunately, she has also maintained a high suspicion of strangers, which has rendered her unadoptable.
      Sadly, the legacy of that first year of neglect caught up with her brother and we lost him in September of 1996 at only three years of age. Although, this second chance came too late for Opie, Prissy remains healthy and happy. She is extremely contented to be a member of our little cat community. She actually prefers the company of her feline companions to her human ones! She reminds us of the little girl who, "When she was good she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was wicked!" We are truly grateful for every day that we have this beautiful and fascinating girl.

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