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Paddy Malone

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      Paddy is a gorgeous gray and white manx cat who came to live with us in 1991. He is a real Irish charmer which is why we called him Paddy! His mother, Pepper, had been living outside a popular restaurant in downtown Orlando. The staff had been feeding both her and her sister Biscuit. When we brought them to the sanctuary we noticed that Pepper was full of milk by the following morning. This clearly indicated to us that she had babies somewhere. We took her back to the restaurant and released her. She immediately went to a building behind the restaurant and disappeared under it. When we crawled in behind her, we saw three little faces staring back at us - Paddy, his sister Molly Dodd and his brother Murphy. They were such beautiful kittens! Paddy was huge. He was twice the size of his brother and sister. He looked just like a big fluffy guinea pig. All he wanted to do was eat and sleep!
      All three kittens were adopted to very nice homes. Murphy went to a household with seven cats and very quickly became the spoiled baby. Paddy and his sister Molly were adopted together. Unfortunately, their feral roots were never really eradicated and they were returned to us because they were too shy. They had spent most of the time hiding from their new family. When we picked them up, they immediately recognized our scent and clung to us in relief.
      Paddy loves his freedom and thankfully, because of our location, we are able to provide him with that pleasure. He spends a lot of time in our woods, coming home only to eat, sleep and have his momma clean him up. He is such a character. He swaggers around here like a juvenile delinquent but actually, his bark is worse than his bite. Although he is terribly shy with strangers, he does have moments when he relents and allows us to drool all over him! And, of course, we always do!

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