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      Oreo was rescued in 1991. He had been living in the woods adjacent to the sanctuary with his constant companion, a Lynx Point Siamese called Ozzie Bear. He would come every day to eat and even though he was extremely affectionate with the cats on the property, he would not allow us to approach him. We tried to catch him for weeks but he outsmarted us every time. He obviously knew what the trap was for. Although he circled it, admired it and even sat upon it, he would not go into it! It seemed as if he could almost read our minds. Finally one day, he came inside one of the cat rooms to eat when he thought we weren’t there. After all our futile attempts to catch this cat, (which had even included lying low in bushes for hours and communicating via walkie-talkie radio), we couldn’t quite believe our luck! We quietly sneaked out through the back patio, came around to the side and slowly and carefully closed the door behind him. He went momentarily crazy and tore around the room looking for a way out. Finally, it seemed as if he just mentally shrugged his shoulders and gave up. He settled right down with the other cats as if he knew he belonged here - which he did! He started to purr and was quite happy to have us pet him. What a complete reversal in behavior!
      Oreo is a truly wonderful cat who is the center of our colony. He seems to give off vibes that inexplicably attract other animals to him. He is such a sweet and loving boy. All the other cats adore him, but most especially Ozzie Bear, with whom he is absolutely inseparable. Wherever the cats are congregated, you will always find Oreo to be the center of attention. As he has a heart murmur and bad allergy problems which require on-going medical care, it was decided that he should live out the rest of his life with us, and with his beloved Ozzie Bear. We are grateful for every day that we have this very special boy!

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