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      "Mismo" is the Spanish word for "same". Mismo is the same tabby cat you see over and over again - beautiful, sweet, loving and full of fun! He came to  the sanctuary in 1992. He had been found as a kitten with his brother in a horse barn. His back leg was badly shattered, probably by a kick from one of the horses. Our veterinarian did an amazing job of piecing the leg together. He healed perfectly and despite the metal pin which is still in his leg, he is constantly on the go and is always into everything!
      Unfortunately, due to his propensity to tear around at full speed, he somehow managed to get a thorn in his eye before we had a chance to put him up for adoption. The opthamologist had never seen such an unusual case, (trust our Mismo!). The thorn had completely pierced the eye. Initially it was decided that surgery would do more harm than good because removing the thorn would release proteins from the cornea, causing a massive infection and probably the loss of the eye. He requires continual medical care and on-going monitoring to regulate the eye in the hope of avoiding this expensive and potentially damaging surgery. Currently, the prognosis is fairly good although at this point it is doubtful that he can see very much through the eye. He will also require medication and regular check-ups for the rest of his life.
      As Mismo had already used up two of his lives in these little misadventures, we decided that we had better ground him to keep him out of further trouble! Now he devotes his time to dispensing love and affection to all who cross his path. He is one of our most popular people greeters. Thatís our Mismo - heís just a very purrsonable boy! He certainly puts a smile in the day of anyone who meets him!

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