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      Maxie is a sweet, little boy who came to us in 1994. He was found with his brothers and sister locked in a boat compartment. They were only about two weeks old. It was a mystery how they had gotten in there. They were filthy, hungry and very upset. We then located and managed to trap what we thought was their mother, However, it was obvious when we got her back to the sanctuary, that these were not her babies. She would have absolutely nothing to do with them! Fortunately, we were able to track down her kittens and they too were brought here. As we were unable to find the original mother at that time, we had to hand raise Maxie and his siblings. This is always hard work. Most times incredibly rewarding work, but sometimes very heartbreaking. Kittens are so fragile and itís easy to lose them. They have to be bottle fed every three hours. You also have to do the work their mommas usually do - such as burping them after feedings, stimulating their bowels and bladders until they are old enough to do it themselves, nurturing and socializing them, which includes teaching them how to use a litter tray! We were very lucky with this litter. Although somewhat undersized, they all survived.
      Full grown, Maxie is no bigger than a six month old kitten. We were also lucky in that we ultimately found their mother and were able to catch and spay her. Two of Maxieís brothers, Milo and Rascal, were adopted, but both Maxie and his sister Buttercup are very shy which makes it difficult to find them homes. They would need someone with lots of patience and love. It would probably take them several months to come around and most people are just not willing to invest that kind of time. Personally, we think Maxieís well worth the time! He is one of our sweetest boys!

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