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      Lester is a gorgeous Maine Coon-mix tabby cat. We are not sure what the mix is, but judging by his beautiful, large, gold eyes, we suspect there might be Persian in him somewhere. His stubbornness might also be another clue!
      He came to us Christmas 1994 - and what a Christmas present he was! He had been abandoned in October behind a shopping center, where a colony of feral cats that are taken care of by our organization is located. As is usual in these situations, the terror of being abandoned overrides all other emotions, and he would not allow us to come near him. Most of the time, he would not even show himself until we were leaving. We just wish that people could see the results of their unkind acts. Perhaps then, they may think twice before callously discarding a trusting pet to an uncertain future.
      As time went by, he became more used to our presence but it was obvious that we would be unable to catch him. As he was wreaking havoc within the colony by fighting with all the other cats, we decided it would be better to remove him rather than catch and re-release him after being fixed, vaccinated, and tested. We quarantined him for two weeks and then introduced him to the general population. That was quite an experience! He immediately proceeded to become the neighborhood bully and establish his position in the pecking order. Thankfully, this teenage phase did not last very long. Once he realized that he was safe and that meals came on a regular basis, he let down his guard and learned to tolerate the other cats. Nowadays, he does fine but when the moon is full, he still goes into his "bully mode" just to let everyone know that he is a force to reckon with!
      Although Lester has mellowed with age and can be very affectionate with us, his suspicion of strangers and his reluctance to remain indoors has not made him a good candidate for adoption. We decided that it would be in his best interests to remain here with us where he is well loved and happy.

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