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      JoJo was rescued in 1992. He was approximately 3 weeks old when we trapped him with his siblings and his mother. All four of the babies were very sick with a particularly virulent form of upper respiratory disease. The most important thing to do in this situation is to keep the cat eating. When cats cannot smell their food, they will not eat and that is usually what weakens and ultimately kills them. It was extremely difficult to treat JoJo because he was so wild! He fought us tooth and nail when we had to handle him! However, we knew that to give up would mean that we would lose him and we were not willing to do that!
      After a few days, and a lot of "war wounds", we could see that we had finally turned the corner and the babies, although still weak and sick, were on the road to recovery. As we had rescued JoJo at Christmas time, being able to pull both him and all of his siblings through turned out to be the greatest gift of all. However, even though he did recover from the upper respiratory, he still maintains vestiges of it in the form of sniffles and congestion. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to bother him and he is also not contagious to the other cats.
      Although JoJo has mellowed somewhat over the years, he is still very shy with people and only permits the occasional contact. Around the other cats he is a rambunctious teenager, prone to swaggering around like the local neighborhood bully! However, he is more bark than bite and very quickly backs down when challenged. I daresay though, that if he had not been taken in by us he would have turned into a rather formidable tom cat! He has a very expressive face, partly due to his slightly crossed eyes. Whenever anyone gets too close to him for his comfort, he glares at them with suspicion which we always find rather amusing! Due to JoJo’s health and socialization problems, it was decided that it would be better for him to remain here with us where he feels safe and loved.

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