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      Domino came to us in the spring of 1995. We were travelling on the interstate going through Orlando when we spotted her wandering aimlessly along the side of the road. We immediately pulled over and called her to us. We took one look at her swollen nipples and our hearts just sank. She didnít need to speak to tell us her sad story. It was obvious that she had very recently had puppies. Even though we realized that we would probably not find anything, we conducted a thorough search alongside the road in the hope of finding her babies. We knew the chances would be slim because if they would have been there, she would not have left them. As we had expected, our search was fruitless. Frustrated, we returned to our car and Domino quietly climbed in. She lay down at our feet, rested her head on the seat and gazed up at us with immensely sad eyes. It truly broke our hearts!
      It took about ten days for Dominoís milk to dry up. This indicated to us that her puppies had been very young. We knew that she would not willingly have left them and we could only imagine what had happened to them. We mourned their loss, as did she. Just when we think that we have seen cruelty at its worst, something like this happens and we realize that we will never truly know the depth that people will sink to.
      It was several months before Domino was healthy. Mending her spirit took somewhat longer. It was obvious that life had not treated her well. We determined that her temperament would not make her a good candidate for adoption. Therefore, it was decided that she would stay in our care for the remainder of her days.

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