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      Dino, also known as "Mr. Sunshine", is a wonderful orange and white boy who came to live with us when we bought this property in 1990. The former owners left Dino, his sister Sparkles, and eight other cats abandoned in the woods. As they knew we intended to establish a sanctuary, we can only assume that they left all these little guys for us to "practice" on!!
      Dino and his sister were just 10 months old and had been living wild in the woods. Neither they, nor the other cats, had been fixed, vaccinated, or tested for feline leukemia and feline aids. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work! Thankfully, all were pretty healthy despite the obvious negligence in their care.
      Although initially suspicious of us, Dino soon came around and proved to be an absolute joy! He is a real "people purrson" and acts as our official greeter whenever people visit the sanctuary. He stations himself down by the gate and observes all comings and goings to ensure that everything is run to his satisfaction. Vet visits, however, are another matter! Our Mr. Sunshine very quickly turns into the cat from hell and totally mortifies us! Iím not sure they completely believe our assurances about what a wonderful boy he really is!
      Dino suffers from allergies, which we can generally keep under control with antihistamines and the occasional treatment of prednisone. However, his absolute refusal to stay indoors or use a litter tray has made us extremely hesitant about adopting him out. His stubborness and lack of fear would, in our opinion, constitute a real risk in the outside world. It was therefore decided that he would remain here with us, where he is safe and very much loved. Due to his position as "Official Greeter", he is classified as one of our essential purrsonel! He most definitely puts a smile in our day!!

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