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      Blondie was rescued in November 1995. She was running loose in the street and we literally had to swerve to avoid hitting her. She was approximately eight months old and in very good health, which led us to believe that she had either been recently abandoned or was lost. We placed ads and notified all the local shelters but were unable to locate her owners. A few days later, she disappeared while she was outside with the other dogs. We searched the entire property but were unable to find her. It was obvious that she had gone over the fence. She was gone twenty four hours before we located her at a neighbor’s house. She had returned but was unable to get back in.
      It soon became apparent that Blondie was a tracker. Once she gets the scent of a strange animal, she immediately starts to track it, to the exclusion of everything else including voice commands. This is probably how she ended up lost in the first place. For this reason and because of an ongoing health problem, we decided that she was not a good candidate for adoption. We felt that she would be much safer here with us. The prospect of her getting away from someone and being injured or killed was deemed to be too risky. It would also be more than we could bear to have something happen to this wonderfully sweet girl!
      Blondie is beautiful, loving and gentle. She is a volunteer at local nursing homes, where she is a great hit. If you look in the dictionary under the word "joyful", you will see Blondie’s name. She most certainly brings great joy to our lives.

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