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How About A Quickie?

Welcome to the PetRescue.Com Quickie Donation Page! If you don't have the spare cash to sponsor an animal, you can still help a lot by donating a "Quickie" $3 or $5 with your credit card! What good is just $5 or even as little as $3 you ask? You'd be surprised at what we can do with the price of a fast food meal!

$3 can buy:
- 9 cans of cat food
- Or 6 cans of dog food
- Or 1 animal vaccination
- Or 1 pet toy

$5 can buy:
- 15 cans of cat food
- Or 10 cans of dog food
- Or 7 pounds of dry cat food
- Or 10 pounds of dry dog food
- Or 20 pounds of kitty litter
- Or 1 pound of dog chews
- Or 1 litter box
- Or 2 pet toys

Please take a few moments to visit our Tails to Tell". There you can read the personal stories of some of our animal residents that could use your help. All proceeds raised through donations go to help the animals. There are no employees, no administration fees and no professional fundraisers to pay. Without the support of generous people like you, we would not be able to continue helping the animals.

Credit Card Donation (via PayPal): Please click the PayPal Button below and enter your $3 or $5 donation. You will be taken to a secure PayPal Server where you can enter your credit card info and send us any comments you may have. Thank you for your kind contribution!

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