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Jeannie's Excellent Adventure!
(A True Story!)

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Today is the day! I am going to visit the nursing home with three of our cutest little dogs. They are scrubbed and primped and wearing their little bandannas to look their best. Why can't they just quit bouncing and rough-housing for one minute? They don't seem to understand that they are supposed to take these things seriously!

The skies are gray and overcast, it looks like it may rain. Darn, I wish some volunteers were with me today, but they're all working at their normal jobs. "Well, I've handled worse before, I'll be OK.", I say to myself (mostly for reassurance). With luck, I can get there and back before bad weather sets in. I place the cover over the back seat of the car in preparation for the BOBS (bevy of beauties). They all need to potty before the car ride, so out they go. "Just settle down and don't roll in the dirt!", I yell as they bound into the yard. Luck is with me. They finish up with nary a spot of dirt collected on them.

Now, get them "saddled-up" with collars and leads. They all push and scramble to be first into the car and suddenly, we're off! A few blocks driven and what is this, a drop of rain on the windshield? I'm starting to get this funny feeling that all may not go as planned.

To add to my tension, I see puppies bouncing up and down in my rearview mirror. They are still in a playing frenzy. "Come on guys, give me a break! You need to act calm and sedate around the old folks. They're not used to all this activity.", I plead with them. They more or less say, "Yeh, yeh, we hear ya mom! We'll be good. Grin, grin."

A few more miles pass under the tires, and oh, no! The heavens let loose and I can't see a thing. The wipers are going as fast as they can, the air conditioner is on high-high to keep the windows from fogging, but I can barely see the road. Crawling along, I think, "What am I going to do when I get there?" The residents at the home probably won't care much for soggy, dripping puppies. Not to mention the famous "wet dog" smell. I forge on.

Well, here we are. The rain has slowed from "frog strangling" to a steady downpour. There is no cover for the car, so I grab an umbrella and rush inside for help. The staff are great, they hang on to the puppies as I carry them inside one by one under the umbrella. That wasn't so bad after all.

Now the tour starts. I make the rounds from room to room with two little dogs while the Activities Director takes the other dog in a different direction. A lot of the folks here are in wheelchairs and I'm frightened that the dogs will jump on their laps. Don't know how much jostling these people can take. What's this? My goodness . . . the BOBS are quietly laying their heads on the old folks' laps and nudging them to be petted. I am amazed. It's like they have suddenly sprouted halos and become little angels!

Well, its a couple of hours later and we have visited everybody now. Hopefully we have brightened the day for a few people. The staff certainly seem to think so. The rain has stopped and the sun is shining brightly again. What a beautiful day! As we pull out into traffic to go home, I'm thinking about how wonderful the puppies were today and what troopers they are.

I am just beaming as I think, "I guess that our little darlings aren't so misbehaved after all. Perhaps I have misjudged them." Whoops! What was that I saw bouncing past in my rearview mirror? There goes another one! Sigh . . . it looks like everything is back to normal . . .


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