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How To Find and Evaluate
A Prospective Pet Adopter

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Finding Prospective Homes For a Pet
  • Vet Offices. You will find more good pet owners here than anywhere else! Talk to the staff. They often know of clients whose pets have died and are looking for a new one. Leave a color photo and description of the animal and your phone number on their bulletin board or at their desk.

  • Bulletin Boards. Post a color photo of the pet, a description, and your phone number on bulletin boards at pet stores, supermarkets, churches, schools, and other community bulletin boards.

  • Newspaper Classifieds. Use this traditional method of advertising, but results are generally not as good as using Vets offices and bulletin boards.

  • Local Publications. Also use whatever weekly advertising magazines are available in your area, such as the Penny Saver, Treasure Chest, Bargain Weekly, etc. They are generally more inexpensive than newspapers and allow you to elaborate in your ad.

  • Pet Rescue Organizations. Let local organizations know what you have available for adoption. They may help locate potential owners for a brokered adoption fee.

Telephone Screening

Use our telephone screening forms for potential cat or dog adoptions. Our grading systems on these forms help you to properly evaluate prospective homes for your pet. These forms are available from our library as Adobe Acrobat® files.

What to ensure when adopting out a pet
  • Spayed or neutered before adoption.

  • A completed screening form.

  • A visit to the home of the prospective new owner.

  • A loving adoptive family, committed to the pet for life.

  • A signed Pet Adoption Agreement

  • Cats kept inside exclusively.

  • Proper shelter for dogs when kept outside.

  • Pet proof fence and gates.

  • Pet is returned to you if new owner decides to give it up at any future date.

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