Welcome to PetRescue.Com, where the life of every animal that crosses our path is important to us. Visit our “Tails to Tell” section and read the heartwarming stories of some of the animals, both past and present, who have shared our lives – happy endings are guaranteed!  Take a look at our  Library where we have many useful articles to help with pet ownership/pet problems. We hope that you enjoy your visit and come back again to see us!

Great News!! If you shop online, you can help the animals at PetRescue.Com without any cost to you.

Just sign up with iGive here and/or Amazon Smile here, then choose us as your charity. You can find good shopping deals for yourself and help us to help the animals at the same time, with no cost to you!

When you purchase something from a vendor through iGive or Amazon Smile, the vendors have agreed to donate a percentage of the purchase price to us, at no cost to you.  iGive pays much more than Amazon Smile, but the cool thing is that you can legally double-up by going to Amazon Smile through iGive and we receive a donation from each of them without it costing you a penny! Once you get set up it actually makes your shopping quicker and easier.

In both cases, you can choose us as your charity by typing in petrescue.com when prompted and our name will pop up.

We are an all-volunteer organization with no employees to pay, so 100% of your badly needed donations go directly to help the animals!

SCAM ALERT! It has come to our attention that some people who have posted “Lost Pet” ads online, especially on Craig’s List, are receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be from PetRescue.Com and offering to help find their pets for a fee. It appears that some calls are via Skype. In other cases, calls from one area code state a call-back number to a different area code. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH PETRESCUE.COM! We do not ever contact people and offer our services to help find their pets. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THESE INDIVIDUALS ANY MONEY!

Find your lost pet
If your pet is lost, the best chance you have of recovering your loved one is to read our article, “How to Find a Lost Cat or Dog”. We have numerous testimonials from people who have found their lost pet by following our advice.
Learn how to place pets
Do you have a pet that you are trying to find a home for? Learn how by reading this and other related articles we have to offer in our library.
“The Gift”
“Alfie’s gift to her was a healed heart”. A true story about a homeless Siamese cat.
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