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The Volusia County Fairgrounds building has been designated as a natural disaster shelter which allows you to bring your pets! This may be the only shelter in the country like this, so take advantage of it if you need to.  None of the Red Cross shelters allow pets.
     To enter this shelter, your pet must have a current license, vaccinations, ID and rabies tags. The ID, rabies tag and license should be affixed to your pet's collar. Each animal will need to be confined to pet carriers or crates and be under YOUR control at the facility at ALL times. Volunteers and Animal Control Officers will be there to keep order during an emergency, but they cannot be responsible for taking care of your pet. Right now is the time to take your pet(s) to the vet and get them up-to-date. Please ensure that all documentation is readily accessible and sealed in a plastic, zip-lock bag. Bring it with your pet during an  emergency.
     We are looking for Shelter Volunteers to help manage the pet friendly Volusia Fairgrounds disaster shelter during an emergency. Please sign up now!

Disaster Checklist for Pets - Please read this and develop your own personal disaster plan as soon as possible. Hurricanes and other disasters in Florida are a certainty and preparation is a necessity.
Kennels that board pets in the Volusia County area.
Hotels and Motels in the Volusia County vicinity that accept pets in your room during a disaster.

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Rescue Volunteers are urgently needed to join the Animal Life Emergency Response Team (ALERT) in Volusia County. These are the teams that go into a disaster area with Animal Control officers and rescue lost, stranded and wounded animals.

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